Cold insulation Minimize cold loss
and reduce energy consumption

ThermPol - keeping your cool with Armaflex insulation.ThermPol specializes in the expert installation of high-quality Armaflex insulation,
ensuring effective and efficient thermal protection for your cooling systems.
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Ventilation systems

Armaflex insulation is one of the best insulation materials for use in ventilation systems. Thanks to its flexibility, ease of installation, and low thermal conductivity, it provides optimal conditions for the operation of ventilation systems. Armaflex insulation effectively protects against condensation, which allows for maintaining proper air quality in rooms and reduces the risk of system failures. Additionally, Armaflex is an easy-to-clean material, which is particularly important for ventilation systems in sanitary rooms.

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Marine industry

Armaflex insulation is one of the most commonly used insulation materials in the marine industry. Thanks to its properties such as resistance to moisture, corrosion, and UV radiation, it is ideal for insulating pipes, refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation systems on ships. In addition, Armaflex insulation has low thermal conductivity, which translates into energy savings and reduced operating costs.

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Armaflex insulation is a versatile insulation material that finds application in many industries. Thanks to its unique properties such as flexibility, resistance to corrosion, and low thermal conductivity, it is ideal for insulating pipes, tanks, boilers, pumps, and many other industrial devices. Armaflex insulation effectively protects against energy loss, providing cost savings and improved energy efficiency in the enterprise. Additionally, Armaflex is easy to clean and provides long-lasting protection against environmental conditions, which is particularly important for industrial equipment.

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